The Reading Sleuth Foundation is now official!  An Early Development Literacy Reading Lesson Plan Edutainment Wonder System!  Email me if you want to donate, or leave a comment.   We have over a million globally sleuthing!   A rough low estimate no doubt as everyone teaches everyone they know.  These are simple critical developmental reading games and everyone is realizing the advantage of having these tools in your reading toolbelt.   Such positive advancement it is just wonderful these years since the first publication in 2010.  I wrote it in 1970 and hardly changed it, can you tell?  🙂   I met a sleuth who went into grammatist mode and is the best writer I ever read.  I have read them all!   I say in the video If I can just get a break. No not the leg.  It is a fun pursuit to live carefully, as we are rocking globally without a break or even a sprain.  So be careful, and find a safe place to read.  Like strapped into a car seat, or a corner in your house, or by a tree or plant in your yard.   I say a Mountain of Words, all prizes to be learned and cherished.  Each with its own reward that you have made yet another friend you will write and read with your whole life.

Free since 2010 and updated in 2021 to “The Reading Sleuths 2021” and we are Celebrating November 1st as Reading Sleuths Game 0 Day Globally starting 2022!  Get your Sleuthing Caps on, as Holloween will be over, and its also All Saints Day!  🙂  

We are still under construction here so this is just an important update.  I must say a bit about the specific language structure eluded to in 1000+ comments.  I sleuthed a ton of languages and words, and you pick up structure and tactics passively.   There are lots of sleuths that are excellent grammatists in English all other languages.  I sort of even went into Bible Languages for a while.   Then I wrote my Natural Language Processor and found it easier when I wrote to be read by my systems.   I don’t parse everyone, just my stuff simply because it would be intrusive.  Also, no way could I understand some of the trickery.  My writing is so straight forward the folks hoping to get things wrong as me to write it a different way?    So I read like a Cobol/Fortran logical program.  It is all rule based, and it works for me.   I have had editing on some stuff, but just hope you can put all this in your own words and get it right.   In grad school I wrote a compiler and assembler to take my own language down to binary for my machine design to run.  Can you say that?  Just a fun way to look at things while I am working on my own stuff.  Don’t worry about all the technology.  Try to know when I was your age I was doing nothing but sleuthing words.  No pressure you have tons of time.  I give the framework of so many sleuthing adventures and you all can add to it and refine it to make it sing.  

I mention the “Dead End: A Fish  Versus  The Never Ending Tool Development” a parable by Jesus.  This is taken as a passing concept but it is a mandate more than any I ever read, and so correct it is literally a MANTRA!  🙂   That said you notice how these things are running around talking only misdirection, nonsense, and dead ends?  They know exactly what they are doing.  At the same time they are telling everyone to ignore any other ideas as nonsense?   I tell the exact real truth more so than anyone I have ever read except maybe Jesus?  LOL.   I sleuthed his words and Moses too because they just jump off the page at me.    That said, I add on to that wonderful concept in writing that you can give a kid a word and that might work, but if you teach them to learn that word you are opening the world of independent thought and so much excitement.  Every word then becomes a Needle not in a Haystack but in a pile of needles with maybe one strand of Hay.  Its a target rich learning environment full of edutainment ah ha moments that are just thrilling.  The more wrong they are, the funnier it all is when they figure out.  However, by saying every letter you know how to spell the word no doubt.    That is better than learning words by hearing it when there are silent letters.   It is a learning tool to add to your reading tool-belt.  So please give my writing style a chance, and know this is one of the simplest and most effective tools you will ever learn.  You can learn to do anything if you can read, just read about it and see what I mean.

I am clarifying one point in the intro video:  My mom decided to allow me to learn every word, and it this way the critical and analytical thinking along with the excitement of every word including the articulation combination of every two letter combo into words was just incredible.  You may say things a bit wrong, but you will pile on pronunciation rules, usage, definitions, and tenses for quite a while.   The advantages of allowing me to read and be a bit off was greater than hearing the word and all the stuff that goes with it.   She was a genius and I so thank her for that tactic.  🙂  My first grade teacher told me It Is Divine!  LOL.  That sounds like too much so I said in the Video that Mrs. Valentine Smeege said, “It Is Wonderful!”  🙂  Give a chance to this new way to take down a strange word.  It will make you a stronger reader, like every new tool in your pack.  It is better than just knowing the word because you are thinking critically and analytically while you articulate and eventually figure out each and every word.   Put it in your toolbelt you have that one!  If you don’t then you do now: The Reading Sleuth!   So get busy, prove me wrong, and fall in love.  I warn you it is irresistible, but you have to try now.  🙂

TRSF is working on the 501c3 and has always given this away as a hobby actually, but it has grown into a real need as a full time job.  So as it will all still be free we are talking to funding sources.   If you are so impressed with the development as a result of this effort talk it up!  If I get the funding I am hoping for it will not be necessary to donate anything.  I should have had several ventures ongoing but everyone here in the states have been dogging this simple system while the rest of the world is rocking it.  I think the US is catching up though from the cookies and numbers of feedback.

We are a Louisiana Non-Profit Corporation at this point.  I am still arguing on several fronts for ventures stalled and worse.  This effort has seen stellar advancements globally as kids of all ages even to 100 years are sleuthing.  Get after it. 

One Note:

The Game 0 is truly monumental for development of the mind, and worth spending time on even when you are just taking it easy as a pastime.  I just mean to say do not underestimate the significance of that Simple Pattern Recognition Game.  It works in any language or alphabet.    Its not just about learning to read.  It is also about getting back into action, so if you feel left behind just give these games a try.  Relax, no matter what age, or how great a reader you are there is always room for improvement.  This simple tactic of two letters and long sounds get you close enough to recognize the words nearly all the time.   So dust off all wayward Covid or Troubles for whatever reason, I made the Videos in 2019 with the Sky as the Limit!  Jeez what a time it has been so lets get to sleuthing!   Hit the library and grab a fav magazine.  Language is the biggest problem you will tackle, and these tactics bring it down to size while you never hesitate at a new word again!   It is very important to be smooth and steady.  Not necessarily slow, you can make some serious time when pattern recognition really kicks in to whole words and more.  Lets Sleuth and thanks for you comments!    

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The Reading Sleuths 2021

Build the structure you need, and advance with Game 0.  Give your mind the bare primer it needs to build and rearrange your storage efficiently!  You are reading the moment you make one sound from two letters, and soon you will be sleuthing.