To win a partial World Architectural Wonder I made a fun film to shed light on the Eiffel Restaurant brought to New Orleans!  Also, I took great actors and actresses to Cannes in Resurrecting New Orleans!  2008 after Film School in 2006 and several classes since.  Lets make that Reading Sleuth Adventure which crosses all Time and Place and simply cannot be explained except in film.   I have derived every homework for accuracy and still the math is a reach.  Heuristic Fuzzy Logic Math is a real Non-Deterministic tool that is the closest I have advanced to a specific goal of Unifying all forces in a usable Vectorized Transform (A Paper/Presentation//Dissertation/Pending Patent/Sleuthing Adventure Film).

I have a pic at Cannes, I didn’t bring a camera or phone, but a guy there did these for 10 Euros:

I didnt have a cam, I had to pay 10EU for this that is like 5 bottles of Bordeaux!  I bring a camera and I dont meet Sampson, 5 Marilyns at different ages, the 1950 train, no bullet train, rain rain rain, German women that loved my films, and bus trips all over the South of France including so many lost folks!

I met Andy the Anonymous Artist is a very special Heaven of the Hopeful Romantic at the Riverview of Audobon and the Mississippi River.  This is no joke folks.  I dont joke.  He told me he had just drove his disco van into New Orleans from the Swiss Alps and could not believe I could see him, or film him or that we were in New Orleans but he belted it out.  I welcomed him to this very special Heaven.  He wanted no money but just thanks for helping with the Eiffel which he had climbed several times?  This guy played the violin and provided such great French songs.  Maybe anyone knows him?  Andy!  Thanks!  It could have been the foothills of Mississippi?  Somehow I doubt it?  We shall see.


In the intermission here is a great recipe, and hey you can make this anywhere and even adlib.  A quick 5Star change up that makes you look like the stuff:  Crawfish or whatever Soup or Pasta:

Crawfish soup simple quick fantas

OK for Resurrecting New Orleans!  The guy was poisoned he didnt pass out.  It is a comedy only barely, and even by my standards with a sense of humor forged in HELL!  LOL.  I also would like to meet the chick that drove by with the Dump Truck that babe was so cute.  I say on the soundtrack Oh No!  Very impressive all that happened that day of filming.

Its a Windows Media File and only a download.  It started as a 48 Hour Film Project but I wrote more than I could shoot, and I shot more than I could edit.  So I worked for these great actors and actresses to complete the entire film and bring it to Cannes because Resurrecting New Orleans is no joke.  Do not pretend it is in any way.  It is quite simply the most serious time of all TIME.   It is funny just not a joke.  The  48 Hr project called Wake Everyone, and I picked the Genre’ Film d’Femme so the women had to rule?  It was 6pm on Friday, and we had to use “a fork”, a character named Tom the Tail’r, and the line “There is nothing else like it, is there?”   So of 25 teams ours was one of 11 that made the cut at 6pm on Sunday.  I took it down, but I wrote it, directed, filmed, missed a bit of script supervision but it was all so fast.  I ran to BR to edit Saturday night and was rendering at about 5 am Sunday morning.  That was a tough one because they wanted serious high resolution and it took 9 hours and that killed a bunch of teams.  Just warning you better to render parts and put them together maybe?  Wow!  I will look for a better example that I can play here.  All the statutes of limitations were up by the time I recovered and filmed unless we can make it current again?   “The critical line is Life is too short so spend it with the one you love the most.”  Or family or folks or people or maybe just bayou self?  LOL.  Tons of actors were going to be there but were stuck on other films.  I was scrambling to cut the script down to a two person dialog when this one actress said she had friends!  So it is hectic and I forgot the fitting for the tux for the deceased, and the scene with Tom and Liz which is pretty good.  So I called Stan the Man in charge and was missing that footage as it was getting dark?  He said to bad so sad? So I rewrote a spot and didnt miss a beat.  Only we were looking for Tom the Taylor when we had no time so one stud stepped up to be Tom the Tail’r and there needs no explaination as he rounded out the even couplings.  I dont want to say too much, but seriously it was a great 48 Hours! As a side note the scene with Tom measuring the deceased when Liz came in to say she would be in a shower and just wrap him in the measuring tapes he was just going to burn?  We practiced that for hours but it was left on the shower floor as she is just one of the greatest most hilarious and talented actresses!   She took the script and went to her trailer and came out like: Whaaaaaaaat? BAM!  Still the neighbor saw the keg and knew this was no normal wake!  He crashed it and snuck to the back corner and waited for his time to claim a place in Immortality!     I love this place!  🙂 

Right here to download ( Resurrecting NO 12.5Min 90 MB )(Wake everyone is the shorter version and really not so good but gives some clues 6 mins.)

, but I took it down to bring up something that can play here and not be downloaded and my converter is acting up.  Anyway, dont dwell on a film.  Check the Games 0, 1, and 2!  PEGGy&T is real and not a delusion with changes since I was a kid in the sixth grade trying to get a Nobel to marry that 6th grade girlfriend Lisa (She said no.). OMGoodness.  I have been yelling at how things are so different and the goofs are acting like nothing is changing?  Like its a argument of mind and concentration?  No, the Universe has been hurt, and now it is fixing itself to an answer so good it cant believe!  So I am scoring and I like my chances!  Dont think anything is a delusion because the deluded will never stop, and they are going to their own special place.  Please have fun with those games it is very very important.  Teach someone and that is even a much bigger score!  🙂

A little background from the FEMA trailer not like we had trailers for the actors jeez.  This was described as part Arkansas Folk Song and part Jon BonJovi played backward slowed down and on a different key?  I tell ya I dont care I called it Wake Everyone and copyrighted it.  When you invent air, sound, music, and I wont say anymore:  It is not for money but for love!  When the goofs look at this whole site and harp on this claim they should understand, but they ignore everything except their tactics of misinterpretation and wrecking.  We have to possibly claim these actions just in case because I was certainly there with nothing.  Maybe we just witnessed all the creation just by reading the Bible.   Still  if someone has to claim it, I will.  I never made a cent on the song and it was a film school extra anyway.  Of course the song can be removed but I did film Spencer playing it in the FEMA trailer and you can hear someone open the door and come in then it slams shut.  Does anyone see the Recording Light?  Jeez.  48 Hours!  

Anyway the trip was incredible beyond any description.  My goodness sakes, OMG!  LOL.  I hope these load and then play.  I will work on the conversions to a more simple or useful MP4 but my converter sort of balked at these two.  They are very special no doubt.  We are here and now, so lets make the best of this wonderful chance.  🙂