Sleuthing Adventures!    I add a couple, and both are life works since I was a kid at the library.

As a note:  There are 1000 Reading Sleuth Adventures, one for every single doubt I was ever introduced.   The top 100 are works of Scientific Art honed for decades into an accuracy of correctness that is impossible for the naysayers to ever achieve.  So they all agree to disagree as per their calling, and at that point are harmful to the advancement of humanity.   So try to take things lightly, go in to find how it fits in your worldview, and please do not think I am asking anyone’s opinion.  Those disagreeing have the type of training that only allows them to be dead wrong and I mean eternally.   I present 2 Sleuthing Adventures here at this time but only the framework.  I have them completed to a useful new start correct and simple.   The tactics of correctness are past what can be learned anywhere else or ever.   I just won’t give a clinic on my auto refining AI or Non Deterministic 100,000 significant digits of perfection.   I changed the Physics problem of Grand Unification into an Engineering problem with a Useful Solution then presented it.  These are very healthy foods for thought. When you wonder about no PhD try to imagine systems full of no talent gas bags trained in things that do not offer any value or accuracy to anything:  They are opinionated dead wrong weasels in positions only filled to stop humanity from ever getting anything right.  They brag about all they thought they have stopped, but have only stopped themselves and like dead-wrong-minded-neverchanging WHAT?   LOL.   I have tons of great degrees, but the important thing to understand is that these systems are very simple when presented as 3 pictures.   The rest is philosophy to ponder.   Try please to realize it is so serious globally for Water, and All Things Earth Science Art and you that if you cannot get it straight in your mind keep trying.  Do not look for ways this could be wrong, as those are different directions entirely and you do not want to go there.   It is so much fun to be perfectly correct to such a degree that you may not realize that is why this makes you to the core of your being so very very happy to read.  Lots more where this came from, and I have given several possible small advancements to fix these two very serious problems.  I see both undermining, and advancement globally so it is a very exciting time to be.  So BE please, because things are getting better for all things decent and so many that have been so wrong are getting their Perfectly Right on!  🙂

When I say accurate, I will not say but if you read Contact you might find a level of significant digits indicated where stuff really starts happening.   In the 90s when I was solving this as my dissertation, I was also teaching a class in the mornings and running a small gym to develop an improvement for less friction with more consistent resistance.   I solved this on a glimpse and that was all it took.  No more ignoring that solution.  It was ON!  🙂   The WRONGS were ON me, and still are.  They fix every wrecking fleece like they made up good enough reasons.  Then they act like they will help a little but I better be thankful.   I am nailing them all, and it isnt just in their fixed courts or other fixed systems.  Its with the Universe and PEGGy T!  So get your engineering usable solution hat on, and jump into this simplified solution of a similar problem the physicists like to talk about forever if you let them. 

Grand Unification:   Looking at Biographies of so many greats there seemed to be a big unsolved mystery to sleuth!  It is active now, and the framework is complete.  The trouble is in the details as the Universe adjusts.  We are detecting Gravity Waves yes, and the key is to put them to work productively:   PEGGy & T

Water Systems:

Looking at Rain Data VS the Mississippi River Volume flow.   Sitting on the levee, or imagining I was with my tree and wondering:  There is no rain, and everything is frozen up north so why is there still so much water?   This is under construction, but soon we will be helping with Global Desertification and water shortages and flooding.  Water Systems Global and Local.  A Sleuthing Adventure and here are some hints to get you going!

Dont fret, these things are wrong on purpose and cannot help it.  They love wrong, and cannot stand anything right.  So perfectly right to a new accuracy, presented simply for everyone to consider just really gets to them.    They should still try to get this right, and I do still try and hope for them.   I feel for them but I cannot quite reach.  So we all try to show them on a website here.  High Hopes!