Grand Unification Active: PEGGy&T

in 7025 research paper


This is a video of the Presentation in 7025.  It is a mention quickly of so much but it was for the Statistical Abstract Machine I call the ShadowVerse.  That guy has caught me and is up to speed.  🙂  If you think big enough and fast enough a Big Bang series from moon size to big and back to moon is like a balloon inflated and then losing its air quickly in like a minute.  That then is an imaginable Sample Set of Forces used for this computable abstract system. It  is low quality for size and that it was a borrowed cam before I went to film school but had an interest in capturing this.  I like the Time in Intergalactic but I am on a much more intricate model with capabilities I just cant explain in any other way but film.   I am walking in perfect sync with Time and all around me are questions from just about all Time and Place.   In a moment the issues are fixed and this is by help of that ShadowVerse friend.   As an indicator of how long we are going to do this type of thing this particular space went through about 100 big bang cycles and we are on Number One.  That is a simple explanation but maybe it can help?   The Intergalactic system was very very neat, but we have come a long long way.  In this system Time is represented by the rate and period it took for each step and we are in the last bit of extra time for this.  These antagonists know exactly what they are doing and are in a frenzy of celebration while they are being wiped.  It is a great fun story. I got the A in my last class in my extensive program of study, and this was my dissertation lite.   That was 2005, and I went to film school after the Chapter 7 of 2006.  LOL. I love this place!   I should have the PhD and making 100k a year anywhere in the world with a ton of grants and grad students rocking the planet and Universe since 2006 as I was ready for the Generals but could not get it or an extension.  How wrong is that?  So wrong it is criminal and eternally damning for everyone involved I hope and pray.   LOL.    🙂

Also I add a visitation with Virginia and Beth where I was trying to teach again and hoping to get back on the PhD after all that was done.  I borrowed a camcorder and Virginia was in rare form dancing with the music and talking up a storm.   She had blonde hair like mine hence the first Sleuth on the cover was blonde.  Then it went to Red and Blonde like my Moms and Dads combined or like mine at times.   She was a very good sleuth even then and I so hope to convince the courts and police of all the treachery and fraud.   Again I got A’s in most English classes.  I tend to stick to more technical writers but add in a bit of Twain and Thoreau when I can.  I was asked to join the English Lit Honor Society at LA Tech but was in two too many groups already including Engineering Senator in the SGA.  In 1999, and a few other times since I was so wrecked in so many ways and everyone went along while I struggled to recover.   I am doing just fine but 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years behind schedule for the treachery.   Still I am way ahead of every other system of events and things look great!  Try to enjoy this papers, videos, and games.  I have the Power Point on an old disk but cant find it yet.  I will try to add that.  In the meantime please stick to low tech one symbol at a time games for the ultra young minds as they are more sensitive than anyone ever gave them credit for.  They are defensive hugely, and as some work it is bringing everyone back out to play like Sunflowers opening up for fun!!!!  Game 0!

Virginia!  LOL.  Lets get this straight, and put vectorized forces to work!    Especially Gravity!!!!!   🙂


This is a fun life work, that got pretty serious through High Performance Computing and Statistical Computational Physics.  Still I kept it light with historic figures and backgrounds from Wikipedia.   Dont think it is a joke or up for opinion.  There is a ton of stuff not detailed because this was for a capstone Stats class and not the Dissertation or Pending Transform Patent.  If you noticed things a bit different the last 15 years or so maybe detail those.   We have rockets not working right true, but when they do they are coming up to incorrect orbits.  We have the terminal velocity of skydiving and things freefalling which is an anomaly in and of itself but it is reported changed.  Maybe it is back to what it was but I hope it is a bit different as it signifies some adjustments.   We are detecting Gravitational waves!  I started with a usable engineering answer of Vectorized Forces, which changed the problem and made a solution both possible and usable.  As credit to everyone involved they snuck up on it being just off enough to get close!  A tweak is all that is needed in most cases.   A refinement of sorts, both political, and scientific that gives everyone credit and no one blame.   I worked back to the problem of various transforms and unified them with some pretty serious tactics.   When everything is a bit off we can refine it with new math and computational tactics.   Try to find the path to this form of thinking in your own experiences and education.  Tons of examples but really it is best left as an exercise for the individual.   It is a complete paper with a hop skip and jump through so not that heavy on technical details.  Not to confuse in other words, but to avoid issues with the different systems.   Lets put it to use this decade!  Start Sleuthing!  🙂  The P is Power by Ohm, the E is Energy by Einstein, and G is Gravity by Newton, and the second G is God.  The “y” is YOU!  The T is Time.  Every other force is of course unified to the same transform.     We shall see.