As the data certainly did not add up, I hoped to show that “There is a whole lot of boiling going on around here!”  Sea water has so much life in it, and salt, and fresh water along with junk.   Meanwhile Fresh Water is all over at huge rates of flow.   How can this be?  It is a lot of rain, but something else I suspect is adding a base volume.

Let’s look at this with an open mind and suspend disbelief please as I am so right and proven, while the world is going dry.   I wont give the answers yet.  I will hint at some of the systems playing in this symphony of fresh water.

Can seawater go down to depths, boil, and separate into steamy fresh water, salt, and other solids and liquids?  Can the Earth spinning be acting like a water pump to power aquifers filled through rocks, water falls, springs, etc?   Can holes at the poles like seen on Mars be a natural wonder occurring on every spinning planet?   Are Salt domes and other Salt deposits a result of a ton of boiling water over a long history of time?   These are some of the questions we need to think about before we can solve how Global Water Systems are being unknowingly wrecked with the best of intentions.

I put just these three pics and one is a drawing of my pump.   One is the Formation painted by Payne in 1914, and one is a satellite series of the poles and what looks like holes.

I have a ton more background of all sorts in my life,  and a storyboard for a Water Systems Film in the top 21 pics on my Instagram site at