The Reading Sleuths 2021

The  Reading Sleuths 2021

Developing A Path to Reading

Introduction Video to The Reading Sleuth.  Stay in your Data Rate Comfort Zone!  Simple and Steady.

Don’t get Data Stormed!  The mind is so delicate.   🙂

On the Mississippi River Levee with my tree, and Ft.Desoto Beach, Florida


These games started as something to do with books.  You can see with each game it was pretty much being bored with the last one and making the logical next step.    There are 6 games detailed here but so many others were played. Your reader with make their own games too.  The key is logging hours with letters, words, etc.  The excitement leads to reading being just plain fun.   Also they might sleuth a bit along the way.  I enjoyed thinking about problems.  My problems seemed to revolve around the Earth Science arena.  Water Systems, Energy, etc. which became my top 100 or lets say for here my Super Top 10 Sleuthing Adventures.   All of them are Scientific works of Art.  At least to me they are. No pressure, they have their entire life we just all hope to get the kids off to a great start!  Let’s get to it.

Founded by Lenny Bollingham in 1970, The Reading Sleuth Adventures are 50!


Time to Play.

We need that.



Time to Work.

We have that.

It’s All Time to Read!

Oh Yes! The Reading Sleuth Adventures!