Introduction to The Reading Sleuths 2021

There are One Year Olds playing Game 0 as it is just matching symbols.  All ages can catch up in no time.  You don’t have to join Mensa, but you probably could.   Shoot for the Summer Reading Program, I loved Biographies.  I use 2+ on the cover as a guide, no pressure.   All this is to help understand what it is all about.  Reading is not trivial.  Language is the biggest problem you will face in your life.   Get it going efficiently and everything else falls right into place with much improved efficiency.

Try Game 0 for a month, or maybe more.  There is no pressure the student, new reader, non-traditional, or anyone trying a new vocabulary or language can have huge improvements in no time.  The beginning games seem like a waste to the experienced reader but it is all about building efficiencies.   Possibly even redoing some of the inefficient systems.  Restructuring perhaps, or just Baring the cupboards or closets of the mind and restocking or rearranging the spaces.

Best Wishes and Keep Sleuthing!